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The Escorts / The Do's & The Don'ts
Genre: Oldies music, 50s and 60s, Rock and Roll
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Original recordings released in the 60's and 70's by The Escorts later known as The Do's & The Don'ts now on CD. 1997 Inductees into the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame. The first 10 tracks were recorded as The Escorts, the rest of the tracks were recorded under the new name The Do's & The Don'ts. These combined 24 tracks feature the Red Bird Records release of I Wonder If She Loves Me, written by Roger Booth, (single #10-072). I Wonder If She Loves Me was listed in the Spotlight Singles of the July 2, 1966, issue of Billboard Magazine. Billboard quote: "Predicted to reach the top 60 of the HOT 100 chart" and "No newcomer to the Rock and Roll scene, the group has a hot single sure to score high in the teen-age market". Read more about I Wonder If She Loves Me.
Release Date: September 1997 - Independent Label, 24 Tracks, Total Length= 1:05:55
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The Escorts / The Do's & The Don'ts CD


Song Title


MP3 Sample Track
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19601. Judy or Jo Ann-2:45Play MP3 Sample 'Judy or Jo Ann'Listen
19602. Main Drag
Billboard, Jan 9, 1961 quote: "Good rocking stuff"
-2:24Play MP3 Sample 'Main Drag'Listen
19623. I Wanna Do It-2:54Play MP3 Sample 'I Wanna Do It'Listen
19624. I Found Love-2:23
19645. The Wobble Drum
See picture of The Wobble Drum
Billboard, June 27, 1964 quote: "The Escorts have operators going for their The Wobble Drum"
-2:26Play MP3 Sample 'The Wobble Drum'Listen
19646. On Top of Old Smokey-2:36
19657. Heart of Mine-2:28
19658. Twelfth of Never-2:50Play MP3 Sample 'Twelfth of Never'Listen
19659. Space Walk-2:19
196510. You're The One-2:27Play MP3 - 'You\'re The One'Listen
196611. I Wonder If She Loves Me
See picture of 45 rpm record 'I Wonder If She Loves Me'
-2:20Good Quality 4,397 KB
196612. Our Love May Not Live Again-2:42
196813. Be Sure-2:32
196814. I Still Remember The Past-2:44
196815. The Scrogg-2:34
196816. Loving You The Way I Do-2:50
196917. Cherry Lane-2:30
196918. Girl In The Corner-2:35
197319. Let The Sun Shine Free-3:05
197320. She's Walking Out Of Life-3:21
197321. Woman-2:27
197322. No One To Talk My Troubles To-3:31
197623. Hot Rock and Roll To Go-3:05 Play MP3 Sample 'Hot Rock and Roll To Go'Listen
197624. Being With You Girl-3:58

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