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The Escorts / The Do's & The Don'ts Hall of Fame
Genre: Oldies music, 50s and 60s, Rock and Roll
Audio CD - Price: $10.00

Buy The Escorts / The Do's & The Don'ts CD featuring the hit single, I Wonder If She Loves Me. See track listing for details.

Original recordings released in the 60's and 70's by The Escorts later known as The Do's & The Don'ts now on CD. 1997 Inductees into the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame. The first 10 tracks were recorded as The Escorts, the rest of the tracks were recorded under the new name The Do's & The Don'ts. These combined 24 tracks feature the Red Bird Records release of I Wonder If She Loves Me, written by Roger Booth, (single #10-072). I Wonder If She Loves Me was listed in the Spotlight Singles of the July 2, 1966, issue of Billboard Magazine. Billboard quote: "Predicted to reach the top 60 of the HOT 100 chart" and "No newcomer to the Rock and Roll scene, the group has a hot single sure to score high in the teen-age market".
Release Date: September 1997 - Independent Label, 24 Tracks, Total Length= 1:05:55

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1. Judy or Jo Ann
2. Main Drag
3. I Wanna Do It
4. I Found Love
5. The Wobble Drum See Details The Wobble Drum

6. On Top of Old Smokey
7. Heart of Mine
8. Twelfth of Never
9. Space Walk
10. You're The One

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11. I Wonder If She Loves Me
MP3 Price $1.00

Details I Wonder If She Loves Me

12. Our Love May Not Live Again
13. Be Sure
14. I Still Remember The Past
15. The Scrogg
16. Loving You The Way I Do
17. Cherry Lane
18. Girl In The Corner
19. Let The Sun Shine Free
20. She's Walking Out Of Life
21. Woman
22. No One To Talk My Troubles To
23. Hot Rock and Roll To Go
24. Being With You Girl

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