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To listen to these songs, see The Escorts/The Do's & The Don'ts Playlist and MP3 Download.

ArtistSong Title Side A/BComposerRecord LabelYear
The EscortsJudy or Jo Ann / Main DragRoger BoothSoma 1441960
The EscortsI Found Love / I Wanna Do ItRoger BoothFredlo 63111963
The EscortsThe Wobble Drum / On Top of Old Smokey Roger Booth / TraditionalFredlo 64031964
The EscortsHeart of Mine / Twelfth of Never Roger Booth / Livingston - WebsterFredlo 64161964
Roger Booth and the EscortsSpace Walk / You're The OneRoger BoothZorch 1011965
Rog & The EscortsI Wonder / Our Love May Not Live AgainRoger BoothZorch 1021966
The Do's And The Don'tsI Wonder If She Loves Me / Our Love May Not Live AgainRoger BoothRed Bird 10-0721966
The Do's And The Don'tsI Still Remember The Past / Be SureRoger BoothZorch 1031968
The Do's And The Don'tsThe Scrogg / Loving You The Way I DoRoger BoothZorch 1051968
The Do's And The Don'tsCherry Lane / Girl In The CornerRoger BoothZorch 1041969
The Do's And The Don'ts Let The Sun Shine Free / She's Walking Out of LifeRoger Booth / Hawley - ClarkZorch 1071973
The Do's And The Don'tsWoman / No One To Talk My Troubles ToRoger Booth / HawleyZorch 1061973
The Do's And The Don'tsHot Rock And Roll To Go / Being With You GirlRoger BoothZorch 1081976

All songs listed above are now available on our CD, The Escorts/Do's & Don'ts Hall of Fame.

Album or CD TitleArtistRecord LabelYear
The Escorts/Do's & Don'ts Hall of FameThe Escorts/The Do's & Don'tsIndependent1997
The Do's & Don'ts 45 Years Live !! The Do's & Don'tsYoungland Records2004
Dirty Water: The History of Eastern Iowa Rock Volume 2VariousUnlimited Productions RRRLP-031986
Moonlight RockCompilation LPWhite Label (Netherlands) 89491989
This Stuff Kills YouCompilation CDRojac 6012000
TEEN TOWN USA - Volume 17VariousPhantom Sound & Vision2008
TEEN-AGE DREAMS - Volume 23VariousTeenie Weenie FR 1030?
Teen Hits From the Rockin 50's Volume 4VariousLA Hit Records2009
Rare Rock N' Roll Tracks Of The '50s & '60s Vol. 6VariousMaster Classics Records2010
Greaser Instrumentals Volume 7Compilation CDContinental Records Company Ltd CDR-24507?
Early Teenage Rockers, Vol. 61VariousFinespun Music2015

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