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1. I Wonder If She Loves Me
MP3 Price $1.00
Details I Wonder If She Loves Me

2. Judy or Jo Ann
MP3 Price $1.00

3. Main Drag Billboard, Jan 9, 1961 quote: "Good rocking stuff"
MP3 Price $1.00

4. I Wanna Do It
MP3 Price $1.00

5. The Wobble Drum
MP3 Price $1.00

Billboard, June 27, 1964 quote: "The Escorts have operators going for their The Wobble Drum"
Details The Wobble Drum

6. Twelfth of Never
MP3 Price $1.00

7. You're The One
MP3 Price $1.00

To order all of these songs and many more see The Escorts/The Do's & The Don'ts Hall of Fame CD.

For a live recording from Cedar Rapids, Iowa order our 2nd CD, Do's & Don'ts 45 Years Live!!

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