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I Wonder If She Loves Me
Red Bird Record Label

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I Wonder If She Loves Me by The Do's and The Don'ts was released on the Red Bird Record Label in 1966, written by Roger Booth, (single #10-072). The band members on this recording are: Dick Burns, Guitar; Roger Booth, Drums and Vocals; Dick Sherman, Bass Guitar; and Zelda Sherman, Hammond Organ. I Wonder If She Loves Me was listed in the 'Spotlight Singles' of the July 2, 1966, issue of Billboard Magazine. Billboard quote: "Predicted to reach the top 60 of the HOT 100 chart" and "No newcomer to the Rock and Roll scene, the group has a hot single sure to score high in the teen-age market". Record World Magazine listed it among Singles Coming Up, reaching #35 in the August 20 & 27 issues. Reaching #4, August 1966 on KIOA Des Moines, IA; #6, August 19, 1966 on KCRG Cedar Rapids, IA; #6, August 5, 1966 on WAKX Duluth, MN; and #4, August 13, 1966 on WEBC Duluth, MN.

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